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​​​​​​Kidz Korna's Peace Playground is designed to bring peaceful solutions, promote healthy living, and host fun family activities.  A special thanks to Chicago Community Trust for their generous assistance this summer.  We added another component called (Tree of Remembrance Memorial Corner) A Gun Violence Victim tribute. This Project is in Honor of Cleveland & Ruby McDuffy.

Celebrating 29 Years Of Taking Youth & families from the Corners to Opportunities!

 Out of Town Field-Trips

 Year of the Girls, Boys too                         Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

                       and lots more

 Fuzzbow Against Abuse

​​-Congratulations Goes out to the Kidz Korna team for honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the United Center with the Chicago Bulls on January 24, 2020

-October 08, 2019 the Founder, Delece Williams was honored with a Community Spirit Award at the Universoul Circus for her 25 years of Service with Kidz Korna.

-In January 2019, The founder was honored as a Strength 0f a Black Woman Award recepient.

​-Delece just received honor at the Red Cross Heroes   Award Breakfast Ceremony.

-President Obama's Letter received in Honor of our late 
 Member Willien McGee and her work with Kidz Korna.

-A Street Sign named after KKO's Music Director Farley  
 Jackmaster Funk and the House Music Foundation.

-KKO tv show was Honored by Oprah's Angel Network.

-Several Proclamation/Congratulatory letters for KKO from Former Mayors Daley,  Rahm Emanuel, Former Governor Pat Quinn, Current Governor Pritzker, Secretary of State Jesse White, Cook County Clerk Dorothy White, Alderman Brookins,  Alderman David Moore & Congressman Bobby Rush.

- Founder Delece Williams was a Honoree of New York's    
  Lewis Hines Award by the National Child Welfare Assoc.

- Delece also received V103's Hometown Hero Award,  
  Comed's Neighborhood Hero Award and Lots more,            click on the founder's page at the top for more details.

Here's an invitation for Middle-Age & Seniors, Parents, Grandparents, Working Professions, Home Makers & Millennials etc., to connect with Today's Youth.  It's to continue on the journey of helping KKO shape the lives of young​ people around the  world with wisdom and mentoring.

Kidz Korna's Star Corner!

       The Music  Department

Washington DC - Smithsonian
Museum of African American History
and Culture.  ​
Iron Mountain Michigan
& Wisconsin Camping Trips and More.


Kidz Korna's Previous Activities​

Thank You City

of Chicago for Honoring Us with a Street Sign on 79th & 80th & Ashland ave







Celebrity Mentoring Moments

Kidz Korna's Work Was Featuring In These Various Media Outlets & More

 Tree of Remembrance Memorial                 Gun Violence Victim Tribute

   Join the New 50 Movement

​   Intergenerational Mentoring                     

Playground Building

Project In Englewood

This inspiring and thriving rap artist participated in Kidz Korna's 12th annual Youth Expo and Toy Giveaway Tour.  He just landed a National AT&T Commercial. It's only the beginning for KORPORATE.  We are extremely proud of HIM!!!!

Our Women of the Ages Committee (WOTAC) is excited to announce this year's participation

with Girl trek's Harriet Tubman Global walk for the health and selfcare of African American Women and Girls.  We are also giving away lots of new clothes, shoes, household items and more.  Please flyer to right for details or click signup page.



Last year, we made the news by walking in honor of Harriet Tubman's 200th birthday.  She walked for        freedom and we walk for better health & more.

This year on March 10th, we are at it again, this time,

 hosting a Harriet House Party (House Music Addition).

In partnership with Girltrek. signup above.

*On the Corners of the Hood with No HOPE,  We're  Here  For You.
*In the Corners of Your Mind With No PROGRESS, We're Here For You.
    *And In the Corners of Your Homes, being                               INAPPROPRIATELY TOUCHED,                   We're also Here For You.

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