New 50+ Mentoring & KKO's Traveling Mobile

Playground Building

Project In Englewood


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*Kidz Korna's Television Show is currently in Production to Air Early Fall.

*Our Music Director is Inducted into Washington's New Smithsonian African                American Museum and Kidz Korna 's Tour Visit Was JULY!

   *For KKO's Thank You Campaign - click on the TV show Page (also on FB).


Taking Youth From The Corners

to Opportunities!

If You're Trapped:

-On the Corners of the HOOD, We are Here For You

-In the Corners of Your MIND WITH NO PROGRESS,       We are Here For You and

-In the Corners of Your HOMES being

Inappropriately touched, We are also here For You




      A Bridge Between Today's Youth & Seniors

​   ​​​​An invitation for Middle-Age & Seniors (Parents,

 Grandparents, Working Professions, Home Makers Millennials etc.,) to connect with Today's Youth.

  It's to continue on the journey of helping us 

shape the lives of young​ people around the world. 


   Coming Soon

​   (Late August)

Mentorship Event for

Girls, Teens  & Young

Adults  at  WOTAC

​           Women Of The Ages                       Outdoor Conference         by NEW 50 inc

             & Kidz Korna, NFP                  

Other Programs

Museum of A.A History.  Harmony's Empower Her

 Campaign & more, see Sponsors Pg.

Todate, Assisted  Over 25,000 Youth & Families

​​​​Kidz Korna's Peace Building Play Lot & Outdoor Family Venue Project should begin construction Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-28 of 2017).  It's designed to build peaceful resolutions with community youth while preparing them to build a youth activity play lot & Family Venue.  

Former President Barack Obama & KKO Kids

Washington DC - Smithsonian

​   Kidz Korna Television Show                 The Music  Department             Fuzzbow Against Abuse      Celebrity Mentoring Moments       Kidz Korna's Previous Activities

Violence & Abuse Prevention

​​    Celebrating 20Years  Of Taking Youth from the Corners to Opportunities!

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-Delece just recieved honor at the Red Cross Heroes Award

  Breakfast Ceremony

-President Obama's Letter received in Honor of our late

  Member Willien McGee and her work with Kidz Korna

- A Street Sign named after KKO's Music Director Farley 

  Jackmaster Funk and the House Music Foundation

- KKO tv show was Honored by Oprah's Angel Network

- 3 Proclamation letters for KKO from the Former Mayor

   Daley and Current Mayor Rahm Emanuel

 - Proclamation Letters from Jesse White, Secretary of State,

   Former Gov. Pat Quinn & the Honorable Dorothy Brown

 - Founder Delece Williams was a Honoree of New York's   

   Lewis Hines Award by the National Child Welfare Assoc.

- Delece also received V103's Hometown Hero Award, 

  Comed's Neighborhood Hero Award and Lots more, click

  on the founder's page at the top for more details.

Kidz Korna, NFP

Youth Organization & TV Show