​​    Celebrating 20Years  Of Taking Youth from the Corners to Opportunities!

Kidz Korna, NFP

Youth Organization & TV Show

Kidz Korna's Music Department

Music has been a great tool for community engagement city-wide with help of Farley Jackmaster Funk, the House Music Icon who has Global Recognition in the Music Industry.  Farley was recently inducted into the Smithsonian African American Museum where as his contribution inspires our young people during our DC tours.  Our outreach projects are more impactful to promote violence prevention initiatives because  of his expertise in Music &  partnership with other festivities  around the city including the Bud Billiken Parade: 

* KKO Produced the House Music Health fair & DJ training  at McCormick

Convention Center and it will take place on July 3rd of 2017 at

the Union Station on Lake and Randolph.

*House & Hip Hop Community Unity Weekend,  a coming together of

two music genres to help support a safety networking effort for parents

and students provide a smooth transition for students to go to new

schools when their schools closed down.

*Voices Against Violence w/ Americas Young Voices this initiative took

place downtown at the Daley Plaza, giving an opportunity for youth to

use their voices through song to bring awareness to innocent murdered

victims on the streets of Chicago.



Community Connection:    Our City-wide initiative was centered in Auburn-Gresham on 79th and Ashland where each corner was considered a different gang turf.  With a spike of murders and shootings much of it being gang related and a  handful of neighborhoods were especially hard hit in homicides.  Through outreach and recruitment, we had lots of Youth & Families in need wanting to be apart of our programs .  We’ve out grown our small location and now looking to secure a permanent location close by that will accommodate all of KKO services.  Other high crime communities we serve are Roseland and Englewood.​

Citizens Uniting Against Child Abuse  (C.U.A.C.A)





Activities  (Coming Soon -  Youth Expo & Toy Drive)

This page will be completely updated shortly.

Kidz Korna's Playground Project

FREE Birthday Mentoring Make-overs to anyone

that's turning 50 and over only

Kidz Korna's Youth Organization

      Photos of Kidz Korna's visit to DC, Touring the

      Smithsonian African American Museum &  More


                                                  We're Bringing Big

                                                Momma Back!


                                                                                                          The Members helps to                      

                                                                                        *Mother   *Minister   *Motivate &  *Mentor

                                                                               Youth & Families in the area of life skills, positive pen pals,

​                                                                              story tellers embracing their legacy and elders of the

                                                                              church to weigh in on impactful spiritual guidance for their challenging lifestyles. We're Bringing Big Momma Back is the motto we use to spearhead this program,

giving parents an opportunity to engage the wisdom of seniors for better parenting skills. 


IMPORTANT MISSION:  ADOPT A PEN PAL  -  Seniors are helping us

to get computers or tablets for At-Risk youth in need.  A pen-pal

friendship is created as seniors can encourage youth enrichment goals

and youth can offer their computer skills to seniors.  The sign up button

is above to put recipient on the waitlist if they qualifyComputers will

be given out during the Youth Expo in December.








​​Secretly, Delece would get phone calls from kids watching the Kidz Korna Tv show to be rescued out of very abusive situations in their homes.  Numerous Public performance child abuse awareness campaigns were birthed from the phone calls, Delece and the kids formed the Wall of Courage Project and she began bringing the traveling performance project down to the Daley Center on  a yearly basis and to lots 

                                                             of neighborhood festivals as a public outcry to

                                                              advocate on behalf child abuse victims. Much to

                                                              Delece’s surprise  parents would come up and seek out

                                                              ways of getting help from abusing their children. And

                                                              that’s when she partnered with Illinois Prevent Child

                                                              Abuse for solutions.


                                                           C.U.A.C.A is our Child Abuse Prevention Initiative  that was created as

                                                                    a  fundraising Networking Event for Kidz Korna, NFP





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​                            MOST RECENT KIDZ KORNA PROJECT

Last year, Delece Williams and the Kidz Korna youth where awarded some vacant lots in Englewood from the city of Chicago for the work that they do. She is currently seeking donors to help to bring life back into a desolate community. 
In May (Memorial Day Weekend), the goal is to build a Playground and Outdoor Family Venue, to incorporate healthy outdoor activities, summer learning

programs and workshops for youth and families.

This project is in Honor of the Late Cleveland & Ruby

​McDuffy who dedicated their lives to feeding and

housing homeless people in the community for over

​30 years.  A special thanks goes out to Mr. Bradley.


​       to be updated shortly:

Programs Include:

Kidz Korna Toy Giveaway & Youth Expo (details below)

​KKO  partners with the Smithsonian AA Museum

Kidz Korna's Bud Billiken Parade Participation
 *KKO partners with Chicago Police (CAPS) to restore unity in the community while feeding the Homeless Community.

  *Safe Haven Summer Day Camp with CPS
*After-school workshops & Media training
*Fundraising initiative to help complete the securing of our   

                 permanent location in Auburn-Gresham                        
*Playground Peace Building Project

We visit nursing homes, schools, daycare centers and various places to recruit Seniors and needy youth for the pen-pal cause.

The bus workshops consist of Tours, Mentoring Tips,

Story Telling and More​